Public Sessions, Public Trainings, Workshops and Seminars, and Training Packages

Our clients benefit from a different range of training formats designed to best meet your specific needs and interests. We provide public sessions, public trainings, workshops and seminars, and offer training packages to different types of clients.

Do not hesitate to attend these year-round trainings to leverage your strengths and create a powerful impact and presence!  Nec Plus Ultra is here to help you achieve ultimate success!

Public Sessions: We provide the general public with the opportunity to be introduced to different training and workshop topics in a three-hour session delivered at the office or designated venue. These public sessions give people of diverse backgrounds a chance to express their views and are a first step towards understanding the topic being discussed.

Public Trainings: We offer a one-day workshop on one or more specific theme (s) directed to the general public interested in gain more knowledge and experience and acquire additional skills and competencies.

Workshops and Seminars: We deliver workshops and seminars on a variety of personal, behavioral, professional and business soft skills topics designed to equip people with all tools and competencies needed in order to reach success and achieve goals. Our workshops and seminars bring together local and international speakers to share in-depth knowledge on new tools, techniques, and skills to survive in a fast-paced and competitive world.

Training Packages: We offer well-adapted and customized training packages that include sets of training subjects, skills, and knowledge tailored to different types of audiences in an effort to meet their needs, interests, and expectations. Training packages are available for CEOs, Managers, Employees, NGOs, Children and Teens, Students, and Women.(To learn more about the training packages, click here)