NPU Equips Students in Schools

At Nec Plus Ultra, we believe it is fundamental to start inculcating good manners and life skills into children at an early age and schools are the perfect platforms for such an initiative.

Throughout different types of trainings, Nec Plus Ultra will help children in school children to learn more about themselves, to form an identity, to gain life balance, to discover their skills and capabilities, and to lean new life skills and ways to overcome difficulties and challenges. We will prepare children to succeed in life and  will encourage them to embrace a code of conduct based on the principles of RESPECT, RESTRAINT, RESPONSIBILITY.

Nec Plus Ultra offers the following trainings to schools:

Choosing Civility TM : This training will provide easy steps for a solid future through confidence, integrity, respect and leadership in a fun and entertaining environment. Your child will learn courtesy, social, dining and communication skills that will enable him to feel comfortable and confident in any situation and achieve maximum potential by building confidence in his social skills.

Image Consulting: This training will provide tips and techniques for children to build and project a great image by learning how to dress properly, by making a memorable and winning first impression, and by building charisma to win people’s heart.

Career Orientation: This training will help children identify and build their personal brand by taking a birds-eye view of their dreams, their interests, and their goals.

Life Balance: This training will help children to understand the Wheel of Life, a great tool to improve life balance and to bring things back into balance by assessing the areas in balance