NPU Supports Entrepreneurs

 Entrepreneurship in Lebanon is a vital source of employment opportunities, economic growth, and innovation.

At Nec Plus Ultra, we highly value entrepreneurship and provide coaching and training services to support entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by teaching entrepreneurs basic business and soft skills, coaching them on image management and personal branding, and training them on how to pitch their ideas, projects, products and services for higher sales and/or for fundraising purposes.

Side by side, we will help you identify and develop skills to succeed and to grow in this tough and highly competitive business world. We will help you improve your persuasion and communication skills and build your charisma to win people’s hearts.

Nec Plus Ultra offers you coaching and training services on any of its below training topics:

  • Image Consulting
  • Personal Branding
  • First Impression Management
  • Online Image
  • Media Training
  • SMART goals setting
  • Manage your Time!
  • Be a Leader
  • Boost your sales with NLP