Media Training

Media can either make or break your organization’s reputation, image, and credibility. Your company’s spokesperson needs to train on handling media interviews and communicating the exact corporate key messages to the external audience. Handling the media is essential if you wish to differentiate yourself from others.

Throughout this interactive training, which combines both instructions and role play, you will discover the intricacies of the media world, learn how to use the media to your best advantage, and develop an external dialogue with your audience.  Nec Plus Ultra will help you gain control during an interview and get the message you want to get across. We will help you feel more confident, and competent while dealing with the media.

We will help you in:

  • Mastering the rules of working with the media
  • Developing winning key messages
  • Preparing for media interviews on any media outlet
  • Making from your story a headline
  • Answering tough questions
  • Enhancing verbal and non verbal communication skills for media interview
  • Pitching your cause, story, or project to the media
  • Grasping the dos and don’ts of the media
  • Working the magical power of social media