Boost Your Sales With NLP

 Managers and business owners want their sales to rocket high and will go the extra mile to reach their goals. Between hiring the best sales people in town and intensively training retained sales staff members, organizations will do whatever it takes to increase their sales and competitiveness, while improving their business performance and their profits.

The Neuro-Linguistic  Program (NLP) gives a brand new perspective on the concept of sales, which is different than the traditional sales techniques you have probably acquired or sales training you might have attended.By learning to combine NLP skills with some sales techniques, you will be able to make the other person feel comfortable and trust you during your sales pitch.

Nec Plus Ultra will teach you how to think and talk like your consumer and thus speak their language. By mixing sales with NLP, selling anything will become faster and easier.

In this training, you will learn:

  • The NLP Five Steps Sales Process
  • Instant Rapport using NLP
  • The Elevator Pitch Techniques
  • Smart targeted communication skills
  • Delving into the client’s mind to sell
  • Overcoming prospects’ objections