Team Building

 Our aim at Nec Plus Ultra is for your organization to embrace teambuilding as part of its daily corporate culture instead of a one-time training!

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of investing in teambuilding activities to offer employees and management some time off to de-stress, to re-think about priorities, and re-ignite the bonds between people at the organization in their daily work routine.

Nec Plus Ultra will tailor a teambuilding workshop to meet your organization’s needs, interests, and team’s challenges.  Throughout the workshop, we will help your all members of your corporation develop team working skills, define a common goal, and understand how to work together as a team.

In this interactive workshop, which encompasses a series of teambuilding activities, participants will work together to eliminate any lingering team issues and learn to embrace and value team differences.   The teambuilding activities will help improve communication and relationships among team members, strengthen their leadership skills, eliminate stereotype and labeling, and build interdependence and trust.

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