Online Image

In today’s digital world, you have become an “online individual” and use at least one social media outlet. Managing your online image is vital to succeed in your personal and professional life. How you present your organization or yourself online is how you will be judged by external audiences.

The training focuses on the online images of the organization, on that of the individual working at the company, and mostly focuses on techniques to converge both of these online images to communicate successful personal brands while marketing the business online.Nec Plus Ultra will assist you in presenting the best and professional image, in sharing and exchanging ideas and messages through the social media, and in marketing your business online to successfully build your brand.

In our training course, we will show you how to:

  • Present your organization online
  • Market your organization online
  • Manage your individual image online
  • Make your brand come alive online
  • Apply color and shape psychology to your online image
  • Attend to your reputation online
  • Leave great online legacies
  • Use social media to your best advantage