Image Consulting

Managing your corporate image is critical; it can either make you or break you. Your corporate image affects the success, the stability, and the reputation of your business. Having an excellent corporate image can bring you larger market share, outstanding positioning in the market and favorable media coverage. In parallel, training employees at your company on managing their image/appearance is also important, as they are the basic bearers of the company image and have an effect on the image and reputation of the organization.

Nec Plus Ultra will provide you with tools and techniques to enhance your corporate image and the image of your employees in order to help your business achieve success and establish a presence of credibility. We will also enhance employees’ performance and image by improving their overall morale, by sharpening their presentation skills, and by helping they project a professional presence aligned with the organization’s objectives and corporate identity.

We will coach you on:

  • Dressing your company culture
  • Managing your business wardrobe
  • Managing your corporate image
  • Dressing Business Casual vs. Professional Dress
  • Mastering effective communication in business
  • Tailoring your business attire that is most appropriate for your business
  • Dressing for the context (meetings, conferences, events…)
  • Understanding the power and psychology of colors in business
  • Building a better rapport through body language
Why hire an Image Consultant?