Nec Plus Ultra

“Nec Plus Ultra”, Latin for “No Further Beyond”, is focused on helping clients reach the peak of success, the ultimate! The “No Further Beyond” point as the name of the company implies.

Founded in 2013 by Milad Hadchiti, Nec Plus Ultra (NPU) is the first personal branding company established in Lebanon. Nec Plus Ultra offers exceptional image consulting, life coaching, and personal branding services to individuals and professionals, and training solutions and corporate training to companies and organizations that decide to make this investment.

Our goal is to help people be the best in all their endeavors and achieve their desired objectives.

We achieve this goal by assisting our clients in gaining a comprehensive 360 degree perspective on their personal life and organizational systems. We help our clients dig beneath the surface to assess their challenges and their strengths, to identify and understand their objectives, and to project a plan of action that most meet their aspirations.


To help individuals and businesses reach their highest potential and achieve success through quality coaching, consulting and training services on image, personal branding, positivity, media, and a large variety of business and soft skills.

What Sets Nec Plus Ultra Apart?

Nec Plus Ultra is the first personal branding company established in Lebanon providing personal branding services to an array of local and regional clients, as well as image consulting and other coaching and training services. Here is what set Nec Plus Ultra apart:

- Nec Plus Ultra is client focused. It is all about YOU! How you can be your best and attain the highest of your potential. We are only the channel for your ultimate success. Nec Plus Ultra is dedicated to offer you great services that will help you achieve excellence.

- We abide by our values and operating principles based on commitment, compassion, passion, empathy, honesty and ethics, and positivity.

- We work with different types of clients in Lebanon and in the region and our coaching and training services are customized to meet your needs, interests, and expectations.

- We work with our clients to ensure on-going, customized support after the training or workshop concludes. 

- Nec Plus Ultra trainings have inspired thousands of people to believe that they can attain their dreams and have made a positive impact and a difference in people’s lives and business operations.

 Our Guarantee 

Nec Plus Ultra guarantees quality trainings tailored to your needs and your thirst to learn new skills and gain new perspectives on life. You will enjoy discovering your potential, challenging your ideas and fears, and improving your image, your personal brand and yourself.