NEC PLUS ULTRA was founded by Milad Hadchiti who has always been people oriented, which lead him to chose Radio and TV as a career, and journalism as the bridge that allows him to share his thoughts, and it made him appreciate the efficiency of communication and its power.

Throughout his 15 years of work in hosting television shows and radio programs, he attempted to discover the best approach to create a better image of himself in the minds of his viewers.His work at the radio station presents enough evidence of the overall image, formed in the minds of people about him, throughout his Tone, speech, and his chosen words.

He went further, and gained more knowledge about the aspects of social image and personal branding, and realized that people perceive us in different ways: the way we dress, act and speak. He made a decision to dig deeper into the science of “Personal Branding”, which lead him into the study of colors, first impressions, the affects it has on others, and how it facilitates the success path and the goals achievements.

he got his certificate as an Image Consultant from AICI (association of image consultant international), and became the Ambassador of this international association in Lebanon in 2011-2012 .Then he moved on and began exploring a new, alternative approach which is understanding himself through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Some people consider NLP to be the science of excellence; and he found out that no matter how good a person can be, he could always be better. Through NLP, he discovered clear steps for achieving the power of positive thinking.

Milad Hadchiti’s name has been related to every possible aspect of brand empowerment, personal branding, life coaching and assessment. So obviously, the next step for him had to be launching his new personal branding company, and what better name than Nec Plus Ultra would it have?The name says it all.

In fact, “Nec Plus Ultra” is of Latin origin and it means the highest point, the ultimate, and the end of all limits. Plus Ultra alone means the top limit, so Nec Plus Ultra translates into “Nothing Further Beyond” It is also said to be the national motto of Spain, and closely associated with the Pillars of Hercules, which according to Greek mythology were built by Hercules, near the Straits of Gibraltar, marking the edge of the then known world. According to mythology the pillars bore the warning Nec plus ultra (also Non plus ultra), serving as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no further.Therefore, it would only make sense for Milad Hadchiti to pick such a name for the first personal branding company in Lebanon. After all, what could be more convenient? Clients always have expectations and companies set goals to exceed those expectations, no matter what their limits were.So, if you have certain expectations regarding the image you want to see built for you, rest assured: Nec Plus Ultra will exceed those expectations, going beyond all known and unknown limits to bring your vision into reality!

Today Our mission is to help people to build a professional presence ensuring high impact and communication skills, to facilitate the connection between company image and the personal and perceived image of its employees.