365 for a Positive Life

Positive thinking is not an illusion, it is possible!




Positivity Coach and Motivational Speaker, Milad Hadchiti has impacted lives of people and has touched many hearts through his teachings on positive thinking and through life coaching. In his new book 365 for a Positive Life, Milad helps you to cultivate a positive attitude day by day and in turn to lead a positive life. Anyone who seeks to add more positivity to his/her life MUST purchase this positive book to which Milad attribute the adjective of a ‘Positive Friend’.


365 for a Positive Life is more than a book. It is your practical guide to learn and practice the art of positive thinking in a fun and interactive way for the next 365 days! No matter how you read this book, each day contains a positive message that will lift your spirit, that will inspire you to move forward, and that will motivate you to adopt a new positive mindset.


In this manual, Milad reveals valuable insights, advice and tips on positivity he has learned and experienced along the way. Full of positivity tips, techniques, positive affirmations, positive quotes, inspirational stories and more, 365 for a Positive Life is the ultimate guide to implement positivity in your life.


365 for a Positive Life will help anyone stay positive throughout the day and will help you remember that positive thinking is not an overnight achievement but a journey to take pleasantly with small steps every day. This book is an important asset for your personal transformation. Now it is your turn to become the author of this book and be the lead actor of your change.


This book has been published in Lebanon and is available for purchase at Nec Plus Ultra Offices in Sin el Fil, Librairie Antoine, Virgin Bookstores, Maliks Branches, and online at neelwafurat.com. You can give this ‘positivity’ book to anyone you love. It makes a perfect gift to give to your loved ones to support and motivate them to think positively.


Milad Hadchiti is a ‘Positivity’ Coach, Professional Life Coach, Certified NLP Master, Certified Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert, Radio and TV Host, Motivational Speaker, Author of the book 365 for a Positive Life, and the Founder of Nec Plus Ultra, the first personal branding company established in Lebanon.