Milad Hadchiti

Milad Hadchiti is people-oriented and has a passion for human potential. Through his 15 years of work as a radio and TV host, Milad has developed a profound interest in the fields of personal branding and image consulting. He has combined these passions to help out people build their own image and be their own brand. Today his name is related to every possible aspect of brand empowerment, personal branding, life coaching and assessment.

He is a certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI) to which he was the ambassador in Lebanon in the year 2011-2012. He is also a certified Personal Branding Coach.

He is now a Licensed NLP Master from the Society of NLP- Dr. Richard Bandler after earning first his NLP practitioner license. He uses NLP tools and techniques to help people overcome their obstacles and achieve success.

Dubbed the “positivity guru”, Milad spreads positivity through his workshops and the media. He runs seminars on positive thinking and communication. He is the author of the best-selling book “365 for a Positive Life”, a daily guide to adopt a positive mindset.

As a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Milad energizes and motivates his audience to think differently. Through humorous stories, refreshing insight, and latest techniques, he inspires people to make a positive change in their lives.

He founded Nec Plus Ultra in 2013 to help individuals and organizations achieve ultimate success, improve overall personal and business results and attain projected and most wanted goals. Milad holds many public and private workshops and seminars to individuals and corporate clients from different industries.

Why work with Milad Hadchiti?

Milad Hadchiti is a renowned Image Consultant and the only Certified Personal Branding Coach in Lebanon. By mixing together his extensive knowledge in brand empowerment, passion for human potential, and his years of experience as a Radio and TV Host, Milad Hadchiti understands the transformational power of personal branding, social image and media realm, and is best positioned to help his clients gain an edge over others while establishing a quality image and a building and nurturing a strong brand.

- He successfully completed extensive training programs related to image, personal branding, life balance…and is eager to pursue more training to serve you better.

- He received local and international training certificated from recognized associations in the fields of image consulting, personal branding, NLP, life coaching and other related areas.

- He masters the world of both image consulting and personal branding as being a TV and radio host and a trainer for a spectrum of local and regional clients.

- He is an expert in the field of image consulting and personal branding.

- Milad is a very dedicated, humble, compassionate, and enthusiastic trainer and delivers hands-on and interactive trainings and workshops with sometimes even a humorous twist to get his messages across.

- He is always updated on the newest tools and techniques for his trainings.

- He works in partnership with other certified image consultants, personal branding experts, and life coaches.